Behind the time,various story happened



That’s how i’m calling my mum…

The one who created beautifully by Allah to be my mum…

Thank you Allah for created me in her womb to be his daughter…

You take care of me since i was baby till now…

Without any burdensome seen from your face…

There is no word  to express how awesome you are ma…

Only Allah know the love in my heart for you…

mothers day


I know you’ve been suffering and sacrificed enough for us…

I can feel your pain,your tears even we far apart…

If only i can replace to be in your shoes,of course i willing to be…

I want to experience everything the same as yours…

There is more i want to know about you…



I’m sorry not to be able to celebrate even with a slice of cake…

But,i’m promise not just a slice of it,but whole of cake…

I can only said be patience…

I will make you happy and take care of our family for the rest of my life…

I will never let you down…


Even i can’t express how much i love you,but Allah knows…

My love for you increase day by day ma…

I believe,even i don’t show it,you know right…

I hope to see your smile every second and i pray for the best for you…


Happy Birthday



Today,16 January 2014 is my birthday.I hope to received some #shoutout and #wishes for my very special day. #ShoutOutLoud #BirthdayGirl

Happy New Year 2014


Salam and holla everybody,I wish all of you out there Happy New Year 2014,hope all of you shower with joy and happiness.I also pray for unfortunate people to be happy as well and be thankful for what we have and always positive to overcome any problem and encounter it well for 2014.I also pray this 2014 will bring some happiness to our unfortunate friend out there,even I can’t donate much in term of money,but I always pray and believe God always set up a good thing for everybody and must have faith in him.I also pray this world,including #Malaysia is peace without any problem,war or any other  bad thing occurs.Lets keep peace and live harmony.Peace and Happy New Year

Salam Eid Mubarak 2013

Salam and holla everyone,sorry for late update after 5th day of Syawal. Finally after a month of fasting,we(Muslim) celebrated the eid’ul fitri or in Malay “Hari Raya”.This year,eid’ul fitri was the best moment in my life and family because we celebrate it with foreigner friend from USA.His name is @Jarred Mihalik. At first,its like a weird to get know each other,but after couple of day,he can adapt anything and he also respect us,whom was fasting so much.When we go to bazaar Ramadhan,he like this kind of food called ”murtabak” very much and the most dessert  he love during fasting was ”cendol”.We also feel happy when we saw he try something new and said he like that.We celebrate our Raya at Terengganu. Terengganu is one of the state in Malaysia.So,we hope we can show the beauty of Terengganu to our new friend from USA.First raya,he ask for ”Baju Melayu” to wear together with ”sampin”,but the funny thing,he called it as ”skirt”.That was really made me LOL. After he was wearing it,I was shock because the Baju Melayu suit him very very well together with that skirt and he really handsome,that was admit by me.Everybody don’t want to miss a chance to take a picture with him wearing Baju Melayu including me.hehe…Then,we pay a visit our neighbor’s house and he try every single dishes like ketupat,nasi dagang,nasi ayam,nasi minyak and other kuih raya. The way he ate,touch my heart so much because i saw he really enjoyed that so much.Here is couple of photo during First Day Hari Raya(1 Syawal).


1st Day of Eid'ul Fitri

1st Day of Eid’ul Fitri

@Jarred in Baju Melayu with my bro

@Jarred in Baju Melayu with my bro

After finish pay a visit to our neighbor’s house,around 2 pm,we went to our grandma house at Gong Badak(name of the place in Terengganu).After that,we went to my sister’s friend house too.At there,my sister’s friend with her family are very excited to know @Jarred Mihalik as he is foreigner who was first time celebrating Hari Raya in Malaysia.This family also don’t want to miss a chance to take a selfie with @Jarred so,here is the picture. 😉


From my sister’s friend house,we decide to take @Jarred tour around Kuala Terengganu town and also playing ‘Frisbee’ at one of the beach in Terengganu,which named Batu Buruk Beach. Before we playing that Frisbee,we have a chit chat first while eating A&W,which is located near the beach.This is also a moment to be remember because it was also our first time eating fast food during Hari Raya and playing this Frisbee.@Jarred teach us how to throw and catch the Frisbee and he said that,at USA,he used to play this when he was free with his friend at the beach too.The way he throw and catches that Frisbee was totally awesome and really professional to us.We spent our time there almost for 2 hours and we really enjoyed the moment  together.This is what happened during First Day Hari Raya with @Jarred Mihalik. Here are several picture took during A&W and Frisbee time.Next,i will update what we are doing for 2nd Day Raya together with @Jarred Mihalik.



Eid Mubarak

Eid Mubarak

Happy Eid Mubarak to all Muslim all over the world.
#I wish you a very happy and peaceful eid. May Allah accepts your good Deeds. Forgive your transgressions and ease the suffering of all peoples around the Globe.

Ramadhan Mubarak



Salam and hello,on 10/7/2013 me and my country will start fasting and i would like to wish everyone,brothers and sisters in Islam around the world, ”Happy Fasting”.Hope this holy month,we can filled with worship activities that enhance reward for us as Muslim.Also i wish you:

1 month of Ramadhan,

4 weeks of Barakah,

30 days of Forgiveness,

720 hours of Guidance,

43200 of Purification,

2592000 seconds of Nuur..



Happy Birthday DAD

Happy Birthday

Hello all…today is very special day to my beloved DAD,he just turn 46th years old today.

DAD,I’ve grow up with…

The wisdom of your words

The cheerfulness of your laughter

The strength of your mind


The warmth of your LOVE

Thank you for all you’re been

You’re inspired the Best in me





Money will buy …

Money will buy
A bed but not sleep,
Books but not brains,
Food but not an appetite,
A house but not a home,
Amusement but not happiness,
A crucifix but not a saviour,

Do not be a slave to money.Learn to slow down especially after you have made it.Take time to smell the roses and spend time with loved ones.We want to live long to enjoy the fruits of our labour.Take care of our health.Health is wealth.With money,we can buy the most expensive things and own priceless possessions,but we cannot buy health.

Flower Girl

Flower Girl

Each colour represent each of my beloved friend.May our friendship remain fragrant as this bouquet
#friendship #never #end

“Life is simple…

“Life is simple,you make a choices and you don’t look back”

Don’t ever give up on whatsoever thing you do,after you choose to make that thing in your life